Writer’s Profile

Talent is cheaper than table salt; what separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”

Stephen King

A notepad and pencil are my companions even in the remotest corner I go. The journeys are not always physical; the emergent writing however fresh.

The writing bug caught me early; and over the years it surfaced into words, composing ideas and concepts into a communicative language.

Ended up, I’ve tried myriad career choices, picking up gems of expression each time, expressing complex ideas into straight forward language. It also made my distinct style adaptable to suit different readership –  travelogues, marketing brochures, search friendly content or a restaurant reviews.

At one time I managed a retail store, another period I considered selling hand phone talk plans. A few months I dabbled developing a digital magazine, I did some time as an account manager with an agency. Between all this, my pencil firmly demanded exercise on the notepad. And so emerged starlet gossip for a tabloid, opinionated articles on shiny gizmos, and sometimes banal responses to prompts.

Now I help start-up, small and medium-sized companies launch with a plan of communication and clear messaging. I have helped new businesses get off the ground, running with the essentials to engage with the target audience by creating a buzz and attracting customers.

Learn more about my content writing services and let me know how I can help your business grow.

My blog is a place I can write more often than my published articles. Its intention is to be a place to steer word seekers to examples of my potential work. Feedback welcome and encouraged.


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