Education just not enough to get a job

28 Dec

Originally written for BizDemy

Our hyper-connected world mandates education standards today are measured on an international scale. Asian parents and students attach high value to educational success. Even so, education in this emerging continent is still passive learning that requires students to sit, listen and provide output in exams is simply unrealistic in today’s digital age. There is no such thing as a homogeneous level of learning and comprehension in a classroom of students. Competing with international counterparts, online business education with simulations provide a multinational opportunity.

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Back to school

14 Aug

My favorite subject in school was Algebra. I loved the complicated assumptions and the inferences we had to derive using x, y and some times z. If the problem got too

Algebra Equation

Algebra Equation (Photo credit: Evelyn Saenz)

crowded, we’d introduce a,b,c and d.

The logical and linear thought process involved deriving the final answer, filling up an entire full-scape page made me gleeful. Opening the brackets, breaking down the sum into smaller units and crossing across 0s to make smaller numbers till each of them came together in the final lines to a final simple number was raptus.

Fast forward 15 years i.e. today I use the same logic and assumptions, but in the reverse. A word or idea is the germ of an explosion of thoughts which hang together by a string of logic, woven together to form the big picture, a blog post, press release and sometimes a sales letter.

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Students Choose their Own Adventure

4 Jun

Originally written for Yellow Sequoia

English: Hands collaborating in co-writing or ...

Moving away from its iconic brand image of ivory-tower learning, Harvard Business School (HBS) is engaging its Gen-Y students in collaborative ‘hives’. HBS is realigning its focus on real-world, risk-taking and tinkering intent with real-life experiences.

A radical rethink is happening on how entrepreneurship should be taught in classrooms. By integrating with continuing assessment, individual tutoring, customized re-teaching of unlearned material and systematic collection of data on each student’s progress, technology is helps extend an elite-caliber education.

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