Hand written

31 Aug

I have always liked cursive handwriting. Even when I am writing on the computer, the typography of handwritten cursive words seems more closer to what I would write, rather than the spaced letters formed by typing a Verdana or Georgia font.

Kindergarten was when we started drawing standing and sleeping lines. Then came the workbooks with alphabets where we filled each page with the cursive version of the letter. These slowly became words, till everyone was proficient in joining one letter with another. Some stumbled on linking one letter with the next. Their heavy hand on the pencil forced them to finally resort to plain non-cursive writing. This made their work more legible.

Summer vacations were spent filling books with words copied from books. The teachers wanted us to continue practising to write so we don’t fall behind while taking notes in class. I was happy to do the exercise; even prided myself for the neatness with which my books were fulled. Sometimes bored, I would start varying my writing…it would slant left on one page, remain straight in another, and tilt right somewhere else. This was amusing for me since it appeared that although the words were same and so was the style, I could work on writing them seamlessly. Somewhat of an accomplishment for an 8-year old.

Before I had grasped the finger placement on a Remington, I was gifted a Nokia 3310. The ‘feather-touch’ keys needed no visual spell-check while squeezing the buttons typing endless stream of text messages, staring blank-eyed at the professor of Psychology.

Then the keyboard came and spoiled it all. A restricted set on finger strokes, where if you use a letter often enough, it rubs away. I am a narcissist, because the first letter of my name wiped clean a year after I purchased it. Scrolling through the information highway, I found that Qwerty was not the first, and isn’t the best choice for writing. Dvorak has been proven to be more efficient and allows the fingers to rest more naturally, especially for right-handed folks.
It makes me wonder why Dvorak hasn’t outbeaten Qwerty yet. Just because eating greens is healthy, doesn’t mean I’m going to give up eating a greasy stack of fries when hunger strikes, am I?


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