Things I Remember

7 Jul


I am horrible at remembering names; even worse when it comes to incidents which occurred with me, alongwith the person whom I shared the experience with. Instead of treating this as a weakness, I have come to enjoy this trait.

I don't remember movie plots. So even during reruns each moment is a revelation, and I experience the same rush / fear when the plot thickens as I did the first time.

I don't remember jokes, anecdotes. Which means I shall never get bored of friends / family recounting the same thing over and over at different times, because I enjoy it each time, and laugh heartily as I did the first time.

This makes it very surprising that I am exceptionally good at remembering roads. Even without a map, if I have trodden down a path, I will remember how to return. I don't ever getting lost on the road, or unable to find my way back. At times, when the GPS navigation in the car goes array, my keen memory for roads has led way.

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