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What do you do when you’re sick of what you’re writing?

17 Mar
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Writing is a solitary occupation, and when you can’t find just the right word, or piece of information, it can be duly frustrating. And things can go downhill pretty fast from thereon.

That is indication to relax, take a break, and come back with a fresh mind.

I don’t always have the liberty of a prolonged deadline. But have learnt to make the most of the breaks I can afford into my schedule. A ride in the city tourer, browsing magazines at the library, or a walk on the bay front vent out the frumpy thoughts.

The article I would have taken another 2 hours to complete, had I tied myself to the desk, is now out of the door in 30 minutes. Moreover, I can now engage in another recreational activity. Works every time!

What do you do when you’re sick of what you’re writing?


Languages I Speak

10 Mar

The fire to learn, burns brightly everyday.

In Every Language

The neighborhood I grew up in, had people from a variety of backgrounds. Our floor had 8 houses, with nearly every family speaking a different native language – Punjabi, Farsi, Bengali, Marathi, and my mother tongue Gujarati. As an Indian, Hindi becomes the default second language, after English, and Marathi the next compulsory third language. Briefly, I also studied Sanskrit, as an add-on language to Marathi, since it was a more scoring language.

During my childhood, my father, who has studied in Urdu medium, would read beautifully descriptive stories in the language.

Being a Moslem, prayers have to be learnt in Arabic; the only problem with this language is that I can hardly decipher the complex pronunciations, let alone the meaning of the words. Arabic however came really handy during a holy trip to Iraq, where everyone spoke the language. I discovered the music in the sonorous words, and made sincere efforts to understand, and respond, even if only in monosyllables.

Like Sanskrit in school, French was considered a scoring subject during my college years. So I did pick up a few words and phrases in French, but I wouldn't dare utter them when hailing a taxi during my trip to Paris!

Friends have been as diverse as the community I grew up in. That's where I picked up a bit of Konkani, Sindhi & Kutchi. I make no high claims of making intelligent conversation in these tongues, but I can understand a good amount of what is being spoken.

My 3-year stint in Bengaluru, which is the only liveable city down South (according to me!), I picked up fragmented Tulu, Kannada and I daresay Tamil.

Do I want to learn any more languages – why not!

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The Farthest I've Traveled from Home

1 Mar

Homeland is Bombay, India

Away in Mid-West, USA

Warbirds, Shiney P-38L Lightning

I'm living on the other side of the earth, which is the furtherest one can be away from home. Although on the clock, its just 12 hours away from home, it is a 24-36 hour journey by flight to get back home. From here, the furtherest I can go is up, on the moon.

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