Day of the Sticklers has come…

24 Sep

Today is being celebrated as International Freelancers Day. It also happens to be National Punctuation Day.

As a person who edits my words as I even speak them, making hand gestures of cancelling in the air, I am glad to be in the fine company of people who adopt ‘Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation’.

Four years ago, a dear friend, who was subject to my proofreading gesticulation, introduced me to Lynne Truss’ Eats, Shoots & Leaves. The author encourages punctuation fanatics to indulge in physically making corrections where necessary with a Punctuation Repair Kit. Besides smiling (a lot!) while reading the book, I kept exclaiming aloud, “I know! It’s so annoying when they do that,” as if Lynne were sympathetically giving an ear to my woes.

Adulating sticklers the world over is Jeff Rubin’s How to Celebrate
National Punctuation Day®

Going down the route of Dick Martin’s vein of what kept me away, I have an array of non-activities and activities to my defence.

  • Crossed the proverbial seven seas, and settle in a chillier sphere from my tropical habituation
  • Battled with malaria, which included half a dozen blood tests, some light-headed spells, and lots of bed rest
  • A weight loss program (successfully completed); most food was allowed, but no rice, which means spending long hours in the kitchen getting inventive
  • Tight-noosed deadlines from well-acquainted clients, which squeezed out my creative juices
  • The last, but not the least important, decking my new loft abode which is now gemütlich

That indexed, I am now back to my pursuit of the word exploits.

Although I won’t make any promises of ‘lots of updates’, there will be more regular posts for the most part. There have been several posts simmering in the Drafts folder.

Unsealing my long silence, I want to share an excellent resource for writers – The Verb, a monthly ezine.I particularly enjoy studying their Cleaning Up Prose section.

Between the time this post was drafted, and I ruminated over to publish it, another article of interest about writing tools Celebrate White Space by Roy Peter Clark struck me. Check it out.


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