Become a celebrity in 30 days

7 Jun

In the era bygone, publicists were primarily responsible for the success of newly-discovered movie artists and pop stars. After pumping in millions of dollars for promotion, the success most of them had can hardly be described as well-deserved.

But in this age of new media, you neither have to put up the glitz, nor dole out the moolah for a personal manager to help you gain stardom. All you need is to invest an hour of your time each day. These 60 minutes of your time will pave your path to stardom 30 days in the online media circuit. If you think I’m about to dole out some earth-shattering theory, you’ll be surprised to learn that most of you already use these tools. All you need to do now is to make a dedicated effort to direct these tools for a singular goal – to transform you into an online celeb.

Find a Niche – This is the first and most important item on the checklist. You have honed skills, probably dabbled in lots of areas; find an area of expertise you enjoy the most.

Create your spot in the Virtual World – Now that you have identified what your expertise are, go full steam to advertise them. Just the way advertisers promote products, use all your energies to expound on your skills. The easiest way to do this is by using a combination of new media tools viz. FaceBookLinkedInYouTubeMySpaceTwitterWordPress, etc. You may be familiar with most of these online platforms, and may have used them to build your network, but now its time to use these contacts to position you as the most buzzing persona on the web. Let’s explore the plan of action.

The party begins – Put up posts, share links, videos, give advice, start conversations, ask questions, make comments, participate in webinars. You may already be doing all of this during your leisure period of Internet surfing, but now that you have clearly identified yourself as an expert with a niche, your responses, and shared information will be focussed sharply to further building your reputation, and establishing you as the authority in that area.

There are a bagful of people, who’d remain unknown for their work, if it wasn’t for the fame and fortune which shone upon them because of their smartly utilising the online medium. Some of the celebs you may have heard of are: Gary VaynerchukDarren RowseMari Smith and Jason Alba. Besides the fan-following, they are also earning bagfuls of money while the world sits back and reads in awe each time they present their views.

Now that isn’t all that hard for you, is it?

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