…” said Twitter

28 May

Over the past few months, my news daily’s supplement has been following the celebrity trends of Twitter. Reported trivia highlights new-kids-on-the-Twitter-block, poor language skills of some celebrities and who tops the list with max. followers. If there is still a quad block to be filled, they include Tweet conversations between the stars.

Being a young pseudo journalist, I have always depended on technology to ascertain facts. Unlike our predecessors, who depended on snail-mail, cellular connections have taken the grind out of physically chasing the ‘source’ for information. Now I program my phone to auto-redial until the person picks up.

Recently I cognized that even the physical act of speaking to the celebrity is becoming redundant. Since every famous, and not-so-famous person has carved out his 140 character declaration board, columnists can find headlines and story through ‘Trending Topics’. Search for the popular phrase with hash-tag, and  quotable sources along with their short intro is done.

This is not a mere concept; I read stories of this nature everyday. These tweet-developed features make for a full tabloid page cover stories sometimes. Of course, Twitter is given its due credit. Some gossip columnists address it as

According to a little birdie …


Chirped a flying bird


A bird claims to have spotted/ overheard ….

Technology – I love it more and more every day.

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