Media is a formula, best exploited by Imaginative Minds

1 Apr

    Ricky Martin is gay

    A friend, lets call her Y, pinged me with this random piece of information in a chat window. I questioned the reason I’d been enlightened with this non-consequential gossip. A non-media person, Y tried to reason with me that it is ‘news’.
    Internet access, combined with social media activity can make even an arbitrary statement accomplish the status of ‘news’ if broadcast through the right channels. This random piece of information, suddenly becomes a point of discussion in your weary chat session, or spices up on your Facebook page with everyone expressing their bumble on the subject.
    Why did this piece of information become public?
    Ricky Martin’s publicist must have thought ‘Let’s find a way to get people talking about him.’ Almost immediately getting up to ask the neighboring cubicle-dweller ‘What’s the most controversial topic in media today?’
    Ricky Martin gains viral and press coverage, in turn snowballing the sales of his latest music album without spending an expensive advertising dollar.
    Gay or not gay, any faded celebrity today is willing do a stunt like this to get some attention.
    For Pete’s sake, even Reality TV is staged!

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