Calvin’s Philosophy on Writing

29 Mar

Calvin's Philosophy on WritingUntil I saw this comic strip I thought I was among the few smarty pants around who waded through exams by dousing the teacher with fancy text.

As an English Literature college student, we were instructed by some ‘so-called’ wise senior students that only if your answer ran into 5 full pages or more of tightly written text, you could expect more than 5 or 6 out of 10 marks per answer. And since each was a 10-mark answer for a 100-mark paper, that translated to whipping out 10 x 5 = 50 full scapes of zaggedy zag.

Of course, all I did was mug up the names of the writers, and their novels or poems; the rest was left upto my imagination and word skill to weave a story around the context of the question, roping in authors from other genres and era’s for demonstrating the one in main context, thus displaying his superiority.

It was certainly a fun-filled exercise, which I miss very much, because now we are only interested in catering to audiences with a short attention span.


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