Fiction Writing – not as difficult as imagined

7 Mar

Without any acclaims for my fiction-writing, which I indulge during some free time, I have found the most difficult part is to hand over your precious piece of work to an editor, only to have him shred it to pieces; physically if he is frustated, and with red swords if he wields the subbing pen.
Ray of hope comes forth in this short article by Lee Masterson
titled ‘Writing Short Fiction For Anthologies.’
First, and most important hurdle for any novice writer is ‘What do I write about?’ Lee says —
One of the best ways to get your creative ideas flowing is to
search through calls for submissions into anthologies…You can stimulate your own creativity by reading through the

submission guidelines of anthologies that interest you.
To make sure you receive benefit of doubt aka sufficient attention for your piece submitted, Lee shortlists —
Potentially, any anthology editor is going to receive several
hundred submissions for a book that can only hold 20 or 25 stories.

When you’re browsing through lists of anthology markets, try to stick to themes or genres that you enjoy or that you feel you could work for you.
Take a careful look at your original idea and see where you can add a unique twist or if you can approach the situation from a fresh angle.

His most useful advice, which I plan to abide with in the future is —
Yes, I have been chicken on many occassions, and am surprised to find many others in my coop.
It’s surprising how many writers create beautiful stories and then can’t find the courage to submit them to a market. Be brave and send your story out the door!
For a jumpstart, he’s offered link to — One of the
biggest genre anthology listings is .
Will keep you posted on my progress with finding the Courage to submit any of my fictional work.

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One Response to “Fiction Writing – not as difficult as imagined”

  1. Neil March 21, 2010 at 5:43 am #

    Nice, you have inspired me…

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